A Journey To Connect Pets & People

Commercial partnerships allow us to share joint promotions and provide customers with enhanced services through compatible offers and features. Whether a relationship provides competitive advantage, or simply better service, Whizzles have a range of solutions to consider

The initiatives & Programs solve and cover most of the pet-care needs. These programs are unique, and have been developed by more than 13 startups and young entrepreneurs who wish to offer the best in the Indian pet-care market. All our team members are pet lovers who have faced significant challenges that come with being a pet owner.

We have initiated the following projects and programs as part of the expansion of Whizzles Pet Care’s vision and mission, and are passionate in offering the below solutions to pet lovers.

Hassle free & Easy to use: All the below software’s, websites and mobile apps can be accessed by pet owners using their Assigned Pet-microchip unique ID, as well as Registered Mobile number, followed by OTP (one time password) as login details.


Imagine you lost your pet and it has been found by somebody, somewhere. How would this person reach out to you and hand over your pet? That is the reason Pet2Trac is required. This database app helps users track lost and found pets, and monitor the process of getting back the pet home. This way, the pet owner has more peace of mind and can also intervene in the process if required.


Thinking of gifting a pet to your child, friend, or relative, but do not know how to go about this? Not to worry! Pet-Connect will help you with this. This is a platform that connects pet sellers and pet buyers, who can initiate a conversation, share information about the pets, negotiate the price, and even complete the purchase transaction, all from within the app.


When you look at your pet sometimes, you remember how he was a tiny pup when you brought him home. You remember all his little pranks while growing up. You only wish you had saved all those memories somewhere! That exactly is the inspiration behind Pet-Book. This app works like an online diary where you can record various pieces of information about your pet such as its day-to-day activities, transactions undertaken by you for sake of the pet & You can click and share photos of your pet with acquaintances, thereby building a memory trail for your pet.


As a pet owner, you often face situations like this: you take your pet to the vet for some ailment, and when he asks questions about your pet, you are not able to recollect some of the details. This can be risky for the health of your pet. That is why we have created Pet-Sure to help Veterinary Doctors, pet professionals, and you the pet-owner to keep a track of your pet’s medical history which includes the vaccination trail, ailments faced, and medicines prescribed.


Pet owners frequently face situations such as overseas or domestic travel, or acute sickness of the pet, during which time; they would like to temporarily lodge the pet with another family. This app will help such owners reach out to volunteers who can connect with such families and co-ordinate the entire process of handing over the pet, monitoring its care in this duration, and then collecting the pet back.


Pets must be transported routinely for purposes such as a visit to the vet, or to the airport in case of travel. Common modes of public transport forbid pets, which creates inconvenience to pet owners. This app will help schedule transportation through private cabs that allow pets.


There are many times when pet owners like to reach out to fellow pet owners and enquire about pet products, pet health issues, pet events etc. Today, no such forum exists where pet owners can have a discussion in real time. Pet-Expert bridges this gap. This is a discussion forum with pet related topics and queries and a whole lot of functionalities for organizing, prioritizing, classifying and highlighting specific posts.


Pets frequently develop behavioral issues, and not all owners have a good idea of how to handle the same. They would like to reach out to the right person for this. Or, at times, you would like to add more pets to your pet family, but find the process cumbersome. Pet-Master helps such owners by connecting them with Pet Trainers, Pet Breeders and Pet Groomers, efficiently.


There are so many times when a Pet Owner seeks something specific for his/her pet but is not able to find that in the neighborhood pet store. This is a shame considering that there has been a boom in pet products around the world and in India too. That is the reason for developing Pet-Store. Pet-Store is an e-commerce storefront where pet owners can search among a large collection of pet products online, and initiate the purchase as well.

My PET Buddy

Quite often, pet owners would like to know the lineage of their pet, and the whereabouts of the litter delivered by their pet and given away to others. Sometimes, vets would also like to know if the pet’s behavioral issues have been inherited from its parents. Animal breeders would like to connect with owners of pets that have sired several healthy offspring, for breeding purpose. None of the above is possible in today’s scenario. My Pet Buddy has been developed precisely for this reason. Using this app, one can trace the lineage of all the offsprings in a litter, across their lifetime, and across the world. One could do the same for the next-generation of the litter, and build a family tree this way.


Life Insurance for pets is relatively unknown and under-subscribed in India. Pet-owners are not aware of the options available for the same and what each of the Terms & Conditions (T&C) means. Pet-Secure has been developed to address this issue. Using this app, Pet-owners can choose the right Insurance policy among the various options available from different insurance companies, understand the T&C better, complete the transaction, and keep records of all the documentation and payment history.


There are times when the medical expenses for your pet can burn a hole in your pocket. That is when you wish you had a Health Insurance and Medical Reimbursement scheme for your pet. While such plans exist, there is very little awareness about them. Pet-Medi has been created precisely for this reason. Using this app, pet-owners can choose the right medical reimbursement scheme (Medical Expenses Assurance) on their pet’s medical expenses, among various options available from different companies. They can get clarity and explanations for various Terms & Conditions, make purchase and other transactions online, and keep records of all the documentation and payments made.


There are times when you may miss out on your pet’s vaccination or routine health check due to a hectic life. This need not be an issue anymore. Using Pet-Planner, you can plan, record, and be reminded of various needs of your pet including both routine and special needs such as dry food, vaccination, vacations, special occasions, activities, services, products to be purchased, etc.


There are so many things happening in the world of pets, but you are not aware of the same. This can put you and your pet at a disadvantage, which is why Pet-Bizz was developed. The app presents latest news updates from the world of pet-care, after filtering it for relevance and importance.


Pet owners whose pets have expired must deal with the pain of separation, and then the pain of not knowing how to give it a decent farewell. Whizzles empathizes with your feelings. The Pet RIP is an app that helps you find the nearest crematorium and seek help by Whizzles Volunteers in disposing your beloved pet, in a respectful and hassle-free manner.

Pet-Safe Homes:

Pet-owners who can no longer look after their sick or aged pet need not agonize. They can now use this app to identify animal shelters/ Volunteers/ Whizzles Care center that take care of such pets.

Pet-Stuff Share

Pet Owners who have pet-care items that are no longer being used but are in good condition, can use this app to connect with other pet owners who may be interested in buying them.

We invite startups and young entrepreneurs to join hands with us, and contribute interesting initiatives for the Indian pet-care sector.

We can provide our API database of Pet Microchips and ownership access to App Developers / Pet Associations / Clubs for enhancing, improving or organizing their existing pet-related activities.

All the Mobile Apps are designed for, developed on - Android and IOS platforms.

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