India’s First & Most Sought-after Pet Microchip Registry & Recovery solution

Whizzles Pet Care’s motto and passionate endeavor is to connect pets and people.

Whizzles Pet Care Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 by Mr. Punith Kumar, an avid pet lover, and a young entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Owner of the BlueBird Group of companies established in 2008 and based out of Bangalore.

Microchipping and Registration , is the first initiative in this journey. This has never been attempted before in India, and will give pet lovers and pet rescue agencies - a convenient mechanism for tracing and recovering lost pets.

Whizzles is Punith’s endeavour to set this right by creating a comprehensive - PetCare platform!

The platform will bring together 13 startup companies, several fresh ideas, a clear business model, and 20 different initiatives to fulfill PetCare needs as well as provide the best solution for the Pet industry in India.

In the next step, Whizzles will act as a one-stop provider and a nation-wide platform that connects pet lovers, veterinary doctors, pet care agencies, pet product manufacturers, pet services providers, animals lovers, NGOs and government agencies involved in animal welfare.

As the platform evolves, it will create an ecosystem where seeking advice or healthcare for pets, sharing information on pets, searching for pet products and reviewing feedback on them, becomes easy, is available at one’s fingertips, and in a single location! This is sure to make the life of a pet parent more hassle-free, while also creating a pet-friendly and pet-sensitized culture in the country.

Being the first of its kind, several angel investors and VCs have evinced keen interest in Whizzles, and this can take the platform to an entirely new level altogether.

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