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India’s First & Most Sought-after Pet Microchip Registry & Recovery solution.

It's time to complete the most important part of your pet’s microchipping process and Registering its information, both of which are critical to safeguarding your pet’s interests.

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Before doing so, please read our ‘Need to know’ section, and in case of doubts, reach out on our Customer Care numbers.

What is Whizzles?

Whizzles is India’s first and only Pet Microchip Registry and Recovery Service. Microchipping ensures your pet has a unique identification number which is used primarily to trace it, and recover it in case it is lost or stolen. This is made possible by registering your pet’s unique ID number in a global databank and then sharing information about its loss with whizzles Network centres, veterinary doctors and concerned pet agencies.

How much does microchipping cost?

The RFID Pet Microchip alone costs $18. This is given free of cost by Whizzles, while the Microchipping process and one-time Registration charges with Whizzles (for the lifetime of your pet) costs Rs. 2400 + GST. However, as an introductory offer, we are pleased to provide the same for an unbelievably low price of Rs. 1200 + GST (postal charges extra), till 30th September 2023.

Why should I register my pet?

Microchipping is the first of a 2-step process, with Registration being the second. While microchipping gives your pet a unique identification number, Registration will ensure the ID number can be referenced by others, in order to trace the pet back to you in case it is lost and found. Without Registration, microchipping is of no use. These 2 steps ensure peace of mind for you, safety for your pet .

What does Registration cover?

  • Lifetime registration for your pet with no additional renewal fees
  • 24 x 365 access to Whizzles Recovery Hotline
  • Access to the best products and various services from Whizzles’ Partner Network
  • You will be part of all Whizzles initiatives and programs for Pets and Pet Owners

What microchips do you provide?

We have an alliance with a top Microchip manufacturer who is ISO 11784/85 and ICAR certified, and provides a 2.12 *12 Microchip along with a FDX-B syringe. This is a tried and trusted brand, and the chip will last a lifetime.

Our microchip Registration costs cover the cost of the Microchip and the implant procedure.

Please Note:

You cannot purchase the microchip alone, and forego the Registration fee. Both constitute a package.

When you go in for Registration and pay the applicable fees, there is no cost on the assigned microchip, or it is free of charge.

Can I register my pet’s microchip purchased by myself?

YES, your pet’s microchip can be registered in our database by submitting a duly-signed application form with any of Whizzles’ partners and paying the applicable Registration fee.

If you have purchased the microchip yourself or your pet has a microchip assigned by any Club/Association,

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Tariff Rate Card / Offer


Rate in Rs.

Single Pet Microchip Registration Fee (Lifetime Membership)

Rs.2400  /- offer Price 1200

 Registration of Imported Pet & Other Kennel Club Pets (Excl. Microchip)

Rs. 600

Transfer of ownership, of a Registered Pet

Rs. 300

Pet Ownership Certificate

Rs. 180

Correction/changes/Update of the pet and ownership details

Rs. 300

*GST Applicable: 18 %
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